Thinning Hair


Dr Dennis Gross Strengthening Shampoo & Nourishing Scalp Conditioner


Another wonderful treat for us as we age, is thinning hair.  We sure do need to be tough to handle aging.  But the good news is there are products that do work on thinning hair.  Dr. Dennis Gross has a Strengthening Shampoo and a Nourishing Scalp Conditioner that stimulates the scalp and is paraben free, sulfate-free and pthalate free


I have also included an organic Biotin supplement to my daily regimen.  After about 5 weeks of using Dr. Dennis Gross Strengthening Shampoo and the Nourishing Scalp Conditioner and my organic Biotin supplement, I had so much new hair growth that it has given me a huge relief so I no longer need to worry about my thinning hair.  After 4 months of this routine, my hair is fuller than ever!  Thank goodness there is one less thing to worry about! 🙂




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