Parabens in Antiperspirants Have Been Implicated in Breast Cancer


As time goes by and the more I research the more I realize that we are the only ones in control of our health.   It is truly frightening to see all the chemicals that are allowed to be put into EVERYTHING these days.  From the food we eat to the soap we wash our body with to the antiperspirant we use.

Parabens are chemicals that serve as preservatives in antiperspirants.  Previous studies have shown that all parabens have estrogenic activity in human breast cancer cells.

Parabens are a common ingredient in antiperspirants and deodorants, and research examining parabens suggests chronic antiperspirant use may lead to a heightened risk of cancer, specifically breast cancer.

The research in question looked at where breast tumors were appearing, and determined that higher concentrations of parabens were found in the upper quadrants of the breast and axillary area, where antiperspirants are usually applied. One or more paraben esters were found in 99 percent of the 160 tissue samples collected from 40 mastectomies.

This research really raises a red flag, and while the authors note that the source of the parabens cannot be established—in fact seven of the 40 patients reportedly never used deodorants or antiperspirants in their lifetime—it tells us that parabens are problematic, regardless of the source.

So what is the answer to this dilemma?  Look for an Organic antiperspirant or better yet, use nothing at all.  I haven’t used antiperspirants for over 20 years.
When I was younger I noticed people would have a yellow stain on the under arm area of their clothes.  I had always thought the stain was due to their sweat but I had realized it was the chemicals in the antiperspirants.  I thought, if the chemicals could do that to their clothes, then what is it doing to my body.  I discovered that if I keep myself clean, I wouldn’t have any odor.


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