Hair Trends

Hair Contouring is a Hot Trend

Makeup contouring was a hot beauty trend in 2014 and now hair contouring is set to make waves in 2015.

Launched by experts at the iconic Charles Worthington London hair salons, hair contouring changes the shape of your face using the latest professional hair colouring techniques. Using a mix of dark and light hair colours, the goal is to enhance and alter the face shape in the most flattering way possible.

According to the experts, using the right hair colour, lighting and shading can dramatically change your look. It can give shape to an area of the face, highlighting the positive and minimizing the negative. It also enhances facial structure.

Expect to hear and see more about hair contouring as we move into spring/summer. In the meantime, check out the Charles Worthington infographic below breaking down face types and ways to hair contour.


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